Carolyn Williams

Makeup Artist in Kansas City, MO

Stage Makeup Specialist

Let me tell you bout' ma self!


I live in heart of downtown Kansas City, am married and have two beautiful fur babies! I specialize in stage makeup, special occasions and bridal. I began working professionally in makeup 2016! I jumped both feet in and created my own business, traveling in January, 2017. When I'm not in Kansas City doing weddings, I am traveling independetly for fitness competitors and doing their stage makeup!

I have a strong passion in bringing to light confidence in woman through makeup and over all connecting with strong individuals in general. 

Feel free to view more work on my IG page!

What I Can offer you!

Everyday is what you make it!

Lets talk bizness.

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Wanna know more?

IG: Carolyn_posted

Not Booking May, October or November weddings 2020.

River Market, Kansas City, Missouri 64105, United States

When to contact me?

I am a woman with no restrictions! Except sometimes I sleep from 11pm - 7am CST.

Stage Makeup Policies



Thank you for choosing me and my team as your makeup artists! We look forward to getting you ready for your event! You will be placed with myself or my trusted partner Cynthia.

Refund Policy

After making payment, regardless of the time frame you are agreeing to the rules as follows:

1. There will be 0 refunds.

2. You have the opportunity to save your funds by transferring them to another show, that I will be at. 

3. You will only be granted the opportunity to transfer funds as long as I am notified at least 21 days out from show day.

4. You can only transfer funds 1 time.

5. You can not give your funds to a friend if you back out of your show.


My schedule is based on height class and division. There is absolutely no exceptions to this rule! The way my schedule is created ensures that all my clients are wearing their makeup roughly the same amount of time. It is best for everyone involved. I ask that you take this rule into consideration when moving forward with booking.

By booking me for your services, you are entering into an agreement, which is as follows:

You are agreeing to allow me to choose your appointment time. As stated above, scheduling is based on height class and division - no exceptions.

You are agreeing to arrive to your scheduled appointment on time. If you are late, you run the risk of not being prepared for the stage.

You are assuming full responsibility for arriving to the stage on time. The way I create my schedule allows you sufficient time to do so. If you request a schedule change, and I accommodate your request, you must still assume full responsibility for arriving to the stage on time.

Appointment times run from 3:20am to 12pm -- I schedule through athletes meetings no exceptions.


Due to my full schedule, every minute you are late to your appointment is a minute subtracted from the time I have to properly do your makeup. If I’m unable to finish due to time constraints, you are welcome to come back after my last client’s appointment is finished, but you are 100% responsible for arriving to the stage on time. If you miss your appointment, my team and I will do our best to fit you in, but there are no guarantees. Please do your absolute best to make it to your appointment on time.


IF requested a respectable time in advance, I will do my best to accommodate requested changes to your set appointment time. As stated above, you are still fully responsible for getting yourself to the stage on time.


If you post a photo from show day, please tag @carolyn_posted reguardless if Cynthia did your makeup. If she did though, tag her too @cynynthiavenesssa  This is obviously not a requirement in booking haha we just really appreciate your support and word of mouth helps our business grow!